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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The victims speak out. What Eric doesn't want you to know!

Eric's history of lies

In the early 1990's Eric Ryan was the first student in Chaminade history to be convicted of forging student signatures and election ballots thus beginning his career of graphic design so he continue forging documents.  He later took Chaminade to court for defamation of character.

About the same time he also tried to sue Andy Anderson for defamation of character and lost. A judge doesn't believe him and the complaint is dismissed.

Eric stiffs creditors and makes clients pay more than he owes....

In 2008, DTC Investments took Eric Ryan to court for not paying his office rent at 1001 Dillingham Blvd STE 303, Honolulu, HI 96817.   He claims he paid them.  A judge doesn't believe him and orders him to pay $10,851. (Public Record, Civil court document 1Rc08-1-10801)

Currently capitol one and the Kai Makana community association is also in collections with Ryan who has not paid his bills owed to them.  (See this on the Hawaii State Judiciary Hooiki website)

Ryan tells a sob story to John Carroll about how he was taken advantage of.  John Carroll represents him for free and gives him a $6,000 loan so Eric can pay his mortgage.

About the same time he is being fired from Stop Rail Now where he lead the campaign.  He was fired for not being able to come up with receipts for expenditures and for making unauthorized expenditures.

After he is fired he comes up with new invoices that Stop Rail Leaders never saw before.  Despite paying Ryan over $4000 a month, Ryan claims money is still owed and he takes over Stop Rail websites as his own and claims he owns their logo.  Stop Rail moves on instead of fighting Ryan who also stole their email list and tries to fund raise on their old sites keeping the money.

Meanwhile, Ryan convinces Carroll that he could help him in his office in exchange for free rent while he gets back on his feet.  Carroll loans Ryan more money to pay his mortgage.  Carroll decides to run for Governor and appoints Ryan as his campaign manager.

Carroll later fires Ryan and asks him to leave his office after Ryan cannot produce receipts for campaign expenditures that he charged the Carroll campaign and for violent outbursts and threatening remarks to volunteers.  Ryan calls himself a whistle blower to the campaign spending commission that Carroll laundered money (same claim he is making about Pine).   He sends Carroll new invoices saying they are past due ( same thing he did to pine).  These invoices were never seen before.  He files lengthy complaints to the Campaign Spending Commission claiming corruption and that he was fired for being a whisleblower.  he entered one document of a forged contract between Carroll and Ryan that Carroll was to give Ryan $6000 a month in pay as evidence.

This is the same amount John gave to Eric to help him out as a favor! The document was deemed a forgery.

Ryan claims Carroll still owes him money.

He takes over Carroll's websites and email contacts and harasses him and his contacts for months.

At last, the story behind the check for $3150

In 2010, Kym Pine pays Daniel Brackins $2000 to develop a website for her 2010 campaign.
Brackins disappears and moves to the mainland.  Eric Ryan starts calling Pine asking why her website is not being updated.  Unknown to Pine, Brackins has been Ryan's business partner since 2007.  With just a couple months left before the election Pine is unable to get another web designer so she hires Ryan for a month and a half.   Pine pays Ryan over $3000 for what he calls a "Rush job".

The election is over and Pine asks for the password codes of her website that he changed.  Pine is unable to get return calls for several months.   In April Ryan gives Pine an invoice for over $2000 saying she can have her website back if she pays this invoice.  He claims it is 6 months past due.  Neither Pine nor her treasurer have ever seen the invoice before.

Pine agrees to pay it through her spokesperson John Gollner but wants Ryan to sign documents that she will no longer owe him any more money.  Ryan says she must keep him on as her designer till after the 2012 election and must sign documents endorsing him for 5 years.  She refuses to endorse him and to keep him on staff.  Ryan illegally takes over Pine's legislative website (which he never designed and is run by pine's legislative staff) and takes over her campaign website with the help of his business partner Daniel Brackins who registered the website domains in his name unknown to Pine.

An FBI agent tells Brackins to not give website ownership to Ryan.  Pine also pleads with Brackins not to give the sites to Ryan who is harassing Pine.  Despite this, Brackins gives the sites to Ryan and he continues his harassment, steals her email list and sends out libelous statements about Pine.

Brackins, who had not done any work for Pine since early 2010.  Tells a reporter that Pine owes him money too. He doesn't tell the reporter that he was Ryan's business partner since 2007.  Pine has never received any invoices from Brackins since she last paid him.

Brackins website shows he is with Edeleman PR .  He also lists clients such as Adidas,  Microsoft, Bush/Cheney, Adidas, ABC, FOX, JcPenney, Hertz, Mercedes, Victoria Secret and more.  It is unclear how he or why he partnered with Ryan.

There is more to come, it will be posted as its reviewed. STAY TUNED.

 EricRyanisaCrook.com was created to provide information to the public and those affected by Eric Ryan.  It is meant to be a tool for people to share their thoughts, information and feedback.  The information posted is USER submitted content.  EricRyanisaCrook.com's role is to organize this data and publish it and when possible, research facts which will be cited .  

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  1. I have a few things to add to this. Will send it through your contact form. Thanks, this page is GREAT.

  2. OK so I already was wondering why people continue to trust this guy, this just makes it worse. YES, this guys is nuts and needs to be held accountable for this behavior, but victims can hardly cry about it. I mean you all are educated high profile people and this guy clearly had a history of this. Why would you trust him. I wouldn't trust him to pick up dog poop in my yard. Seriously though. You all need to do background checks on people and not be so gullible. I hope you get justice, but preventive measures would have saved you all a lot of time and stress.

  3. You should post the radio show. Here is the link http://carrollcox.com/Show072411.htm Did anyone hear it? It was creepy. The way his voice was, sounded like he was talking to a phone sex operator. Gross. You can tell he is desperately trying to change his image by sounding like this nice normal person. Typical, knows how to play the game. This is exactly why people keep trusting him. This is very consistent with sociopaths. Here is the thing, when you have THIS many "misunderstandings" or issues you have to defend, something isn't right. There are people who go through their whole lives without having to deal with the issues Eric Ryan claims to be victim of. One issue, maybe. Two issues maybe. But there are just too many. We already know Eric is capable of LYING and DECEIVING for money and power. Its irrelevant if the people he is attacking are too. In fact if they are as he says they are then he has NO business launching this campaign. He is the same person! And the fact that he doesn't see it, shows is mental state. The problem is you are dealing with a mentally unstable person, who is highly intelligent and acting out criminally. When is someone going to cough up some cash and take this guy to court, expose him, get him psychologically evaluated and put in jail where he belongs.

  4. Thanks, yes heard the show. Clearly Carroll is in his back pocket and is being suckered by Ryan too. We all tried to call in and send emails hoping he would answer some specific questions. They controlled the whole thing so no one with real questions that he can't explain, would get a chance.

  5. StarAdvertiser quotes Ryan as having total control of his “Save Ewa Beach” operation.


    Eric Ryan: “Save Ewa Beach is completely independent from both parties, independent from candidates (some of whom I’ve actually done design work for), and independent from other groups and organizations. It’s something I think I’ll keep ramped up for as long as I live in Ewa, which should be forever.” (StarAdvertiser 23, 2010)

    CivilBeat reports that only money contributed to “Save Ewa Beach” came from Ryan and his immediate family


    Save Ewa Beach reports contributions totaling $3,000 from three Ryans at the same address: Eric, Susan and Linda. (Eric Ryan says they are his wife and mother, respectively.) A fourth contributor, Stephen Carroll of Ewa Beach, chips in $500. All four checks come in on Sept. 13. No mention is made of contributions by Pine or her committee.

    Ryan's Save Ewa Beach contributions report for Sept. 19 to Oct. 18 shows that the non-candidate committee received another $1,000 apiece from Eric, Susan and Linda Ryan, giving each of the three an aggregate contribution of $2,000. According to state law, contributions to a non-candidate committee cannot exceed more than $1,000 in one election.

    Now Eric says that Kym Pine owes him for web site & flyer design although he was paid with a check noted ““web site / flyer design.” Ryan now says that that check was for his “Save Ewa Beach” campaign and that Kym Pine was responsible for filing his campaign spending reports for him!!!!!!????

  6. I emailed a question that I knew he would lie about. Whether he sent the forged email to City Hall in 2008 to frame Hannemann staffers. Even after the Prosecutor's Office issued a report saying there is no question he did it he flat out lied on the show: "No, I didn't do it...it never happened."

  7. On the radio show he said no FBI have stormed his house and that everything has been quiet so he believes its because he is right and that his suspicions are correct about his conspiracy theory. It has been quiet Eric for 2 reasons. It takes time to build a case and no one takes you seriously any more. That is why no one showed up to answer questions. You are a smart guy, you know that people building a case against you aren't going to talk to you. If you feel your position is so strong than get a lawyer. No one involved in this is going to talk to you again. I also wonder, why would anyone want a job back after all this? You really want to go back into an office where everyone hates you? And after all the horrible things you said about your boss? Yet you want your job back. Oohhhhkay.....

  8. I got one of those emails that appeared to be from Pine that was actually an attack on Pine.

    I don't care whether Pine owes money or not. That was one of the most unethical emails I have ever seen from anyone in the communication industry.

    Based upon that email alone (which apparently came from Ryan), I will look seriously at whether I will ever support or have any confidence in businesses or people that Ryan serves.

    Again, the facts of the dispute with Pine do not matter to me. It is that email alone which invaded my inbox that I rest my judgment on.

  9. Exactly. Even if there was shady dealings or money owed. As a webdesigner myself, I would NEVER resort to the methods Ryan chose to employ. You take the site down (with no messages about why), send a certified letter to the site owner informing them that their site is down and to pay immediately and if they don't comply you take them to court and collect. There is no excuse to hijack someones sites and email newsletters. I am not a Pine supporter, but Listening to the radio program with Caroll and Ryan making fun of her for being overdramatic, crying and scared was just sickening. Carroll is equally as disgusting in my opinion for that. There is a reason there are laws protecting consumers from aggressive bill collecting tactics and I am quite sure if Pine's lawyers look into this, as a business he has violated more than a few. (totally aside from the slander/libel/defamation issue) I also think its more than interesting to see Ryan's history show that he is a thief and liar. Those who live in glass houses......

  10. I just heard that Eric Ryan will once again be on Carroll Cox's show this Sunday. At least we now know who will be his next victim...and who was stupid enough to think there was going to be something in it for him.

    Carroll Cox....rest in peace.

  11. On Sunday the 24th of July, the following question was possed to Eric Ryan via an email to the host of a radio show, Carroll Cox:

    “Ask him a simple yes or no, did you send deliberately harrassing fake email from fabricated email addressess [such as] MufiHannemann@gmail.com purporting to be from Keith Rollman to city employees and the media.”

    Eric provided the following response:

    “The Short answer, did I do this thing I'm accused of...no. Was I ever jailed for it...no, prosecuted for it....no, was I arrested....no, interviewed....no, questioned....no. It never happened.”

    Eric then dismissed a “leaked unsigned document,” “from Democrats at the City Prosecutor's Office,” from “Chris Van somebody or other.”

    Actually, the document was a letter signed by Deputy Prosecutor Chris Van Marter to Police Chief Louis Kealoha summarizing the investigation of Eric Ryan for “harrassment by impersonation.

    The letter states:

    “The offending e-mail that was sent on September 15, 2008, was created so as to make it appear as though it came from the complaintant, Keith Rollman, when in fact, it did not.”

    “Eric Ryan made several statements about the offending e-mail. He told investigator Kurisaki that Dan Douglas sent the offending e-mail.”

    “...there is sufficient evidence to believe that Eric Ryan sent the offending e-mail on September 15, 2008...the evidence is sufficient to prove Ryan's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.”

    This indicates to me that Eric lied about sending the email, and lied about being investigated and questioned. He then goes on to allude that it might not have even been a “pretend” e-mail and renewed his lie that Rollman was running attack web sites, including FirePanos on city time and city computers.

  12. Atom Monk, thanks for highlighting another one of Ryan's defrauding episodes.

    I generally remained publicly silent during the 09 city investigation because of my simultaneous military clearance investigation. Since returning from my military training late last year I haven't given Eric Ryan's past shinanigans much thought except when my bewilderment of Kym Pine and Tom Berg's affiliation with him reminded me. Pine (my former boss as I was one of her 09 aides) began distancing herself from Ryan after experiencing firsthand how he operates during the 10 campaign. Because of the recent events involving names of people I've worked and volunteered for or with, the release of the Van Marter report, and this site that is purposed to warn the public of Ryan, I feel more obligated to tell about my ordeal with Ryan.

    Ryan's false accusation of me during his investigation nearly a year after he and Brackins colluded together against Rollman was an absolutely desperate and purely vengeful act after he was reorganized out of chairing John Carroll's gubernatorial campaign and barred from handling campaign funds by the formation of a finance committee prior to his complete firing.

    During one of my two interviews with investigator Kurisaki, she told me of Ryan’s accusation of me. I told her that couldn’t be possible because I was working out of the Stop Rail Now office on South St. when it was sent from the Queen St. office. I worked almost every day leading up to the Sept. 23, 08 primary at the South St. head-quarters. Ryan’s email attack on Rollman was on Sept. 15. My thought was Ryan is becoming more desperate. I knew it was a matter of time until he’d release a smear.
    Much more could be written.

    Maybe some other time.

  13. I just sent you some information I think you might find very interesting. Hope it helps, Ryan needs to be stopped this is just gotten out of control.


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