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Saturday, September 29, 2012

BREAKING NEWS - Eric Ryan Arrested!

The rumors are now confirmed.  

As seen in the images below, Eric Ryan was arrested by Honolulu Police for violating a restraining order against Kymberly Pine.   

More information coming, stay tuned!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

JUST IN! Eric Ryan’s criminal activity is adding up.

According to a message received today, there is an investigation into Mr. Ryan’s previous cases with the State Campaign Spending Commission.


In 2009, Ryan submitted as evidence against the John Carroll Campaign, a forged contract between Mr. Ryan and Mr. Carroll.  Mr. Ryan said this document “was proof that Mr. Carroll owed him money”- $6,000 a month.

Mr. Carroll was able to prove that this document was a forgery in the Campaign Spending Commission proceedings but a criminal case was never pursued.  Forging an official legal document is a felony.

Forged contract Ryan created

Eric Ryan Forged Carroll Contract

Copy of the check John Carroll gave to Eric Ryan to help him as a loan to pay his equity for his home:

John Carrol Loans Eric $6000 Check

Mr. Ryan stated that this check was for payment of his services per the (forged) contract. The check’s memo clearly states that it was for “EQUITY”  not to pay Mr. Ryan’s salary.

Mr. Ryan cashed the check accepting what is was for, “equity.”  Cashing a check means that the casher agrees to the terms of the check.  The Campaign Spending Commission did not believe Mr. Ryan’s claim that Mr. Carroll owed him money.

This is a sample of what a real John Carroll contract looks like HERE


Mr. Ryan is trying to claim that a check Representative Kymberly Pine wrote to him was also for another purpose other than what was written on the check.  He also claims that she too, owes him money.

The campaign spending commission reminded him in 2009 of the law that he should not be cashing checks that are not for its intended written purpose.    Yet he is claiming to be a victim under the same circumstances.


Also not criminally filed are the fake invoices Mr. Ryan sent to his former clients after he was fired.  According to witnesses in the campaigns of Stop Rail Now, John Carroll, Kymberly Pine and most recently Tom Berg, Mr. Ryan sent invoices months after the fact claiming that his clients owed him money for work he did.

An invoice is considered a legal document of “agreed terms between the seller and the purchaser.”  None of his victims ever agreed to his invoice terms and were all given “past due” invoices.

Mr. Ryan could be prosecuted for each forged document and spend up to one year in jail per forged document.

More samples of Mr. Ryan’s forgery will be coming soon!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Carroll Cox and Eric Ryan

The following message was put up by Cox on his website that was directed at this site.   Please read:  http://carrollcox.com/EricRyanComments.htm


This site was NOT created by Rollman.  There is no sole "owner".  It is just a site created for people to use as a forum, compile and publish information and allow people to submit theirs.  There were quite a few people who had things to say or information to submit about Ryan,  They were either scared to or unsure where to go.
The site seems one sided because no one has submitted anything in Ryan's defense.  NOT ONE PERSON.  It would be published if it was sent.  Unlike Ryan's site, this site has a comments section and a form to fill out to submit your thoughts and comments. 

Keep in mind many believe Eric to be a hacker and cyber criminal.  This is the main reason why no one wants their name out there.  Eric is already capable of attacks at people he doesn't like or agree with.  He moves on from one person to the next and no one wants to become his next target.  They just want to see him be brought to justice. 

No one was calling for your job.   Your information was published for those who don't agree with the way you are running your show.

Fact:  You DID NOT read one question that we posted here which was also emailed to you.

One of those "callers" was a recording.  You thanked the caller as if it was someone calling in but it was just a recording.  You did not take all callers, you admitted yourself you were pre-screening.   You did not have one caller aside from Berg, that was speaking for the "other side". 

Your comment below is interesting. This was actually one of the questions posted here for Mr. Ryan.  Too bad you didn't ask him this?

"We encourage you to take any "evidence" you claim to have documenting Mr. Ryan's "illegal activities",  to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and try them in the court of law, not the court of public opinion. "  Carroll Cox 

A case is building against him and those facts will be posted when we have been cleared to do so.  Both lawyers and law officials advised against communicating with him.

Fact: "circling the wagons" is getting old.

You seem mighty offended that information was posted about you and that people don't agree with your choices.  Don't we have the right to speak out too? Imagine Ryan put up a site like that about you.  Do you really defend him for that or do you think his information should have been sent to the "appropriate law enforcement agencies and try them in the court of law, not the court of public opinion." ?

Saturday, July 30, 2011


He will be on again this Sunday


Previously Mr. Carroll did not take any calls or read any of the questions to Ryan that were submitted by those against Ryan. He clearly was on his side.

Carroll, you need to do your job. If you are truly trying to get the truth, take calls and read the questions that Eric hasn't already chosen or prepared for. 

To submit questions or the link to this site,  send to carroll@carrollcox.com or call in at 808-524-1080

Friday, July 29, 2011


New evidence discovered 

Eric Ryan is guilty of more felonies for financial fraud and forging legal documents. Stay tuned for the evidence to revealed very soon!

Eric will be back on the Carroll Cox show on 7/31 Sunday from 8 to 10 AM on 1080am.   To hear last weeks show, and get more information on next weeks show click here.

Recently warned that there were multiple failed login attempts to this blog.  Someone is trying to get in.  I wonder who?

Latest Hawaii Reporter Story

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Eric Ryan back on the Carroll Cox show Sunday from 8 to 10 AM on 1080AM.

  Eric will be back on the Carroll Cox show on 7/31 Sunday from 8 to 10 AM on 1080AM.
 Here is the audio of last Sundays Show.  http://carrollcox.com/Show072411.htm

He will be on again this Sunday so don't forget to send in your questions and call in.  

Previously Mr. Carroll did not take any calls or read any of the questions to Ryan that were submitted by those against Ryan. He clearly was on his side.

Carroll, you need to do your job. If you are truly trying to get the truth, take calls and read the questions that Eric hasn't already chosen or prepared for. 

To submit questions send to carroll@carrollcox.com or call in at 808-524-1080

If you are unhappy with Carroll be sure to tell KWAI 1080:

Station # 808-523-3868
Fax # for station is 808-531-6532
Barry Wagenvoord - General Manager E-mail: radio@hawaii.com

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The victims speak out. What Eric doesn't want you to know!

Eric's history of lies

In the early 1990's Eric Ryan was the first student in Chaminade history to be convicted of forging student signatures and election ballots thus beginning his career of graphic design so he continue forging documents.  He later took Chaminade to court for defamation of character.

About the same time he also tried to sue Andy Anderson for defamation of character and lost. A judge doesn't believe him and the complaint is dismissed.

Eric stiffs creditors and makes clients pay more than he owes....

In 2008, DTC Investments took Eric Ryan to court for not paying his office rent at 1001 Dillingham Blvd STE 303, Honolulu, HI 96817.   He claims he paid them.  A judge doesn't believe him and orders him to pay $10,851. (Public Record, Civil court document 1Rc08-1-10801)

Currently capitol one and the Kai Makana community association is also in collections with Ryan who has not paid his bills owed to them.  (See this on the Hawaii State Judiciary Hooiki website)

Ryan tells a sob story to John Carroll about how he was taken advantage of.  John Carroll represents him for free and gives him a $6,000 loan so Eric can pay his mortgage.

About the same time he is being fired from Stop Rail Now where he lead the campaign.  He was fired for not being able to come up with receipts for expenditures and for making unauthorized expenditures.

After he is fired he comes up with new invoices that Stop Rail Leaders never saw before.  Despite paying Ryan over $4000 a month, Ryan claims money is still owed and he takes over Stop Rail websites as his own and claims he owns their logo.  Stop Rail moves on instead of fighting Ryan who also stole their email list and tries to fund raise on their old sites keeping the money.

Meanwhile, Ryan convinces Carroll that he could help him in his office in exchange for free rent while he gets back on his feet.  Carroll loans Ryan more money to pay his mortgage.  Carroll decides to run for Governor and appoints Ryan as his campaign manager.

Carroll later fires Ryan and asks him to leave his office after Ryan cannot produce receipts for campaign expenditures that he charged the Carroll campaign and for violent outbursts and threatening remarks to volunteers.  Ryan calls himself a whistle blower to the campaign spending commission that Carroll laundered money (same claim he is making about Pine).   He sends Carroll new invoices saying they are past due ( same thing he did to pine).  These invoices were never seen before.  He files lengthy complaints to the Campaign Spending Commission claiming corruption and that he was fired for being a whisleblower.  he entered one document of a forged contract between Carroll and Ryan that Carroll was to give Ryan $6000 a month in pay as evidence.

This is the same amount John gave to Eric to help him out as a favor! The document was deemed a forgery.

Ryan claims Carroll still owes him money.

He takes over Carroll's websites and email contacts and harasses him and his contacts for months.

At last, the story behind the check for $3150

In 2010, Kym Pine pays Daniel Brackins $2000 to develop a website for her 2010 campaign.
Brackins disappears and moves to the mainland.  Eric Ryan starts calling Pine asking why her website is not being updated.  Unknown to Pine, Brackins has been Ryan's business partner since 2007.  With just a couple months left before the election Pine is unable to get another web designer so she hires Ryan for a month and a half.   Pine pays Ryan over $3000 for what he calls a "Rush job".

The election is over and Pine asks for the password codes of her website that he changed.  Pine is unable to get return calls for several months.   In April Ryan gives Pine an invoice for over $2000 saying she can have her website back if she pays this invoice.  He claims it is 6 months past due.  Neither Pine nor her treasurer have ever seen the invoice before.

Pine agrees to pay it through her spokesperson John Gollner but wants Ryan to sign documents that she will no longer owe him any more money.  Ryan says she must keep him on as her designer till after the 2012 election and must sign documents endorsing him for 5 years.  She refuses to endorse him and to keep him on staff.  Ryan illegally takes over Pine's legislative website (which he never designed and is run by pine's legislative staff) and takes over her campaign website with the help of his business partner Daniel Brackins who registered the website domains in his name unknown to Pine.

An FBI agent tells Brackins to not give website ownership to Ryan.  Pine also pleads with Brackins not to give the sites to Ryan who is harassing Pine.  Despite this, Brackins gives the sites to Ryan and he continues his harassment, steals her email list and sends out libelous statements about Pine.

Brackins, who had not done any work for Pine since early 2010.  Tells a reporter that Pine owes him money too. He doesn't tell the reporter that he was Ryan's business partner since 2007.  Pine has never received any invoices from Brackins since she last paid him.

Brackins website shows he is with Edeleman PR .  He also lists clients such as Adidas,  Microsoft, Bush/Cheney, Adidas, ABC, FOX, JcPenney, Hertz, Mercedes, Victoria Secret and more.  It is unclear how he or why he partnered with Ryan.

There is more to come, it will be posted as its reviewed. STAY TUNED.

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