EricRyanisaCrook.com was created to provide information to the public and those affected by Eric Ryan. It is meant to be a tool for people to share their thoughts, information and feedback. The information posted is USER submitted content.

the Story

story courtesy of Keith Rollman/Atomic Monkey

Eric Ryan wants to save Honolulu from the waste, fraud and corruption that he seems to find wherever he goes. Eric see’s himself as some sort of crusader fighting a lonely battle to expose the rampant misuse of power that only he is capable of seeing.

Almost everyone else see’s Eric as a serial malcontent, angry when fired and hell-bent on retaliation every time.  And this happens a lot.

Ironically, Eric is the one common denominator (and always an integral component)  in all these pockets of festering malfeasance he seeks to expose. He habitually uses the term “whistleblower” to describe his noble motivation (and shroud himself with certain legal protections). So, just how many times has Mr. Ryan blasted his whistle of vengeance in the past couple of years?

After being canned by Cliff Slater and Stop Rail Now , Ryan launched AnybodyButMufi.com, and RailTruthNow.com followed by ImpeachMufi.com in order to take his anti-rail rhetoric to the next level…to a place that Cliff apparently didn’t want to go…flat out lying. Eric’s “whistle blowing” on the Mayor’s “fraud, lies and deception” reached its zenith when he forged email to incriminate Hannemann staffers in order to “prove” one of his accusations. In his mind, Eric possessed that intangible that Slater lacked, the courage to go beyond the bounds of ethics and the law that constrain mere mortals.

After leaving Slater, Ryan took his anti-rail crusade under the roof of lawyer John Carroll. Sucked into the maelstrom, Carroll soon had Eric running his fledgling campaign for governor. And,very soon thereafter, besieged by the Eric-precipitated criminal investigation, and his own money being mismanaged (disappearing) Carroll fired Ryan. But, you don’t fire WhistleMan without predictable repercussions.
Eric then blasted his whistle at John, whose own website (controlled by Ryan) soon featured a roster of campaign violations and “crimes” for which John would certainly be convicted and do lengthy jail time, along with his staffers, guilty all. Press releases written by Ryan (always talking about himself in the third person) flooded the media, lengthy indictments were sent to the Campaign Spending Commission and anyone else who still opened mail from Eric Ryan. His angry whistle sounded for months before finally fading to a faint chirp.

After some preliminary whistle blowing among Pine’s staffer’s (on each other) and more forged email, the merry band settled down with Eric Ryan as their campaign manager and agency for Kym’s successful re-election. Then the money problems reared their ugly head. According to Pine, Ryan sent an unexpected “invoice” five months after the election demanding more money…or else. The “or else” quickly followed as Kym’s web assets (that she’d paid for) quickly deteriorated into a quagmire of incriminating slime. Her official constituent emails mysteriously announced that she was a “crook” and her website, spouted the same inflammatory diatribes as Carroll’s. Ryan’s malevolent whistle was once again at full throttle.

Now comes Tom Berg, who used Ryan to help get elected in a largely ignored special election for Todd Apo’s vacated council seat. Despite only 4% of the registered voters selecting Berg, he declared his victory a rousing endorsement of “Tea Party” politics. He quickly hired Ryan as his chief of staff and just as quickly regretted it. Berg suffered a very public kerfuffle with WhistleMan after fretting over how to unload him for months (with all the skill of the three stooges trying to defuse a bomb). Everyone knew what was coming next…the inevitable exposé on the fraud, waste and corruption in Berg’s city council operation. Ryan was so rushed to get to his whistle blowing that Berg didn’t even rate his own slander website, but was cobbled onto the still unfinished “KymPineIsACrook.com,” which became a sort of combo-site with the addition of “and so is Tom Berg” spliced into its header.

Three questions are often asked regarding Mr. Ryan and his now obvious, cancerous, M.O.
First, with his history of inevitably sabotaging every political client he’s ever touched…why did they hire him? Second, why does Ryan reveal the rampant “corruption” he observes only after he’s fired? And, lastly, in each case, wasn’t Mr. Ryan the guy responsible for managing the affairs of the organizations he then attacks for their lack of ethical management?

The prime motivators in all these cases are the old reliables: power and money. Ryan craves both, and if you block his access to either, the next thing you hear will be the shrill blast of WhistleMan’s demonic tweeter.

 EricRyanisaCrook.com was created to provide information to the public and those affected by Eric Ryan.  It is meant to be a tool for people to share their thoughts, information and feedback.  The information posted is USER submitted content.  EricRyanisaCrook.com's role is to organize this data and publish it and when possible, research facts which will be cited .  

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