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Saturday, July 30, 2011


He will be on again this Sunday


Previously Mr. Carroll did not take any calls or read any of the questions to Ryan that were submitted by those against Ryan. He clearly was on his side.

Carroll, you need to do your job. If you are truly trying to get the truth, take calls and read the questions that Eric hasn't already chosen or prepared for. 

To submit questions or the link to this site,  send to carroll@carrollcox.com or call in at 808-524-1080


  1. These were submitted through the contact forms:

    Eric, what is your reasoning behind what you did to Carroll? Is it true he loaned you money to help with your financial difficulties as well as paid you monthly?

    Was was your reasoning for taking over Carroll's sites?

    Is it true you tried to fund raise on Carroll's sites after you took them over and then kept the money?

    If Tom Berg is such a bad guy, then why are you trying to get your old job back?

    If you do get your old job back, wont it be awkward for you to work in that environment?

    Do you not see why people disagree with your methods of collection? If Pine did owe you money, why wouldn't you just take her to court?

    Why do you only come out with all of this "truth" AFTER you are fired or have an issue. Doesn't that mean you were going along with all of this "corruption" which makes you part of it?

    Do you think anyone will ever give you a job again in this state?

    Have you seen ericryanisacrook.com? It claims to have proof you committed felonies and says it will be posting that information soon. Are you at all concerned?

    Two part question: You have maintained that your reasoning for attacking Pine, is that Pine owed you money. But On the last radio show, you admitted she offered to pay you but only if you would sign a confidentiality agreement (something totally reasonable and standard) and you told Pine you would only if she would endorse you publicly and keep you on through 2012.

    1-You said you had not intention of signing that agreement because it was a violation of your 1st amendment rights. Doesn't Pine also have the right to refuse to do business with you if you don't?

    2-You said you intentionally gave her that ultimatum, knowing she wouldn't agree as your way of protesting being asked to sign that agreement which you had no intention of doing. (BTW this still makes no sense) But wouldn't that make YOU responsible for not getting paid? Doesn't this make your whole claim a lie? If you really wanted to be paid, rather than playing a game like that, why wouldn't you have used that opportunity to open up a dialogue and come to a reasonable agreement?

  2. Listenting to the Carroll Cox/Eric Ryan Show...he started out by trashing Keith Rollman for trying to warn him about Ryan... insinuating that he may be part of a Ku Klux Klan operation...he' wackier than Eric.

  3. I guess I have to put a name for my comments to be true?July 31, 2011 at 4:41 PM

    Today's show was just unbelievable. It is like being at a Circus where all the people are on fire.

    BERG, I hope you have learned your lesson about leaving voicemails. Jesus, you asked for that one. You need a PR person to stop you from reacting until you have had time to breathe.

    COX this site was set up to create a forum for those who want to speak out, anonymously or otherwise which is needed. Most are afraid of Eric, because of what he is capable of and if you can't see that give Eric control of your website then piss him off and then you will see.

    People have the right to say what they want, and remain anonymous if they wish. Facts are facts, regardless of the source. Take what you see here, look into it yourself. It shouldn't matter who provided it. If its true its true and if its not its not. Clearly any schmuck can put up a website full of lies, and just because his name is on it, doesn't make it credible.

    NOW, did COX compare us to the KKK? Really? Considering, I am a minority, I find that offensive. Quit playing the victim and pulling the race card, this has nothing to do with race. You once again, chose to side with Team Ryan. You should expect the backlash.

    Did anyone notice that first caller sounded like Cox? And it was a recording. Not a real caller. It was siding with them both of course. Then you choose the next guy that sounds like Rainman. These were the only people willing to call in? You didn't put me on there.

    COX regarding your comment about lawsuits, a case would be a sure thing but RYAN has NO money. So if he is sued and they win, what do they win? NOTHING. They get a fat legal bill and the lawyer files another judgement against Ryan to collect, that he wont pay.

    Rollman is not the only one with an issue. I happen to know this site was NOT created by Rollman. Believe it or not Eric Ryan has more than one enemy.

    You realize COX you are one of his ONLY supporters? What happens when Ryan is found guilty of even a quarter of what he is being accused of. How do you think you will recover from that?? Do you really think you and Ryan are comparable to the victims of the KKK? People aren't "burning crosses" on Ryan's lawn for being a human being. Ryan is being "challenged" for breaking the law and violating people's rights.

    The truth is that Eric is a crook, but what he does is genius too. He is watching you all like a hawk, documenting all of your bad deeds, your personal flaws, your violations of rules and laws however minor or not, and then when he is exposed, he pulls all that out, dusts it off and uses it to deflect the heat. It then validates Eric's crap as looking valid because suddenly you are defending all those issues and the more you do the worse you look.

    this is the true profile of a professional criminal. And notice how not one of the real issues were addressed, just the same old crap?

    COX, again pointless show, The ONE guy that was on there making sense, you treated him like crap. He couldn't get off the phone fast enough and remained gracious when I would have not been. If there are SO many people ready to "Lynch" Ryan, where were they on your show? You claim you were ready to take their calls and comments. But yet NONE of the questions that people have been asking were addressed. You berated, attacked and rushed the 2 people who were on the other side.

    Once again, great journalism at work here. You should just change your show to the COX/RYAN Circus.

  4. Bottom line is that our elected officials most likely ARE party to shady dealings. I bet Ryan was involved in things that he can't say without incriminating himself, and the victims haven't stood up to Ryan for fear they will get exposed. So you have this awkward struggle between a crazy person, and a bunch of people trying to stop him without getting in trouble. What is our lesson here boys and girls? Protect yourself, never give someone that much control. And don't get drunk and use your phone. Have your staff take your phones and computer privileges away when you are planning to drink!


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