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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Eric Ryan back on the Carroll Cox show Sunday from 8 to 10 AM on 1080AM.

  Eric will be back on the Carroll Cox show on 7/31 Sunday from 8 to 10 AM on 1080AM.
 Here is the audio of last Sundays Show.  http://carrollcox.com/Show072411.htm

He will be on again this Sunday so don't forget to send in your questions and call in.  

Previously Mr. Carroll did not take any calls or read any of the questions to Ryan that were submitted by those against Ryan. He clearly was on his side.

Carroll, you need to do your job. If you are truly trying to get the truth, take calls and read the questions that Eric hasn't already chosen or prepared for. 

To submit questions send to carroll@carrollcox.com or call in at 808-524-1080

If you are unhappy with Carroll be sure to tell KWAI 1080:

Station # 808-523-3868
Fax # for station is 808-531-6532
Barry Wagenvoord - General Manager E-mail: radio@hawaii.com


  1. I am SO disappointed with Carroll. I really could not believe what I heard. Up until that point I liked him now I can't listen to him anymore. I wont be listening this Sunday so be sure to post if there is anything worth even discussing. I am sure it will be more of Carroll pretending to be real radio host, talking about the same crap Eric has been peddling to the media (in other words nothing new) , and more annoying sarcasm.

  2. Cox you've just lost a lot of credibility in this town. And in your work, that's all you have. Aside from the last broadcast, what most demonstrates your naivete is the list of Eric Ryan hand-picked questions to Pine on your "News and Commentary" link.

    Cox, there are many obvious credibility reason's why local editors and journalists don't play the "Sucka MC" to Ryan's claims. Unless you come out as critical on Ryan knowing what you now know from material posted from this site, as you were on your "News and Commentary" on Pine, I don't think your new credibility low will ever recover.

  3. If we really want to get Carroll Cox to understand the situation, we should all recommend to him that he hire Eric to run his website.

  4. "If we really want to get Carroll Cox to understand the situation, we should all recommend to him that he hire Eric to run his website."

    HAHAHAHA, that is so FUNNY! And SO very true!

  5. Carrol Cox is a idiot and looks to me like he is running out of B.llsh.t to talk about on his show.


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